Wholesale Ordering

Thank you for becoming a part of the Good Boy Dog Beer team!

By being a Wholesaler, you get access to these discounts

DOG BEER 24 PER CASES –  SRP*: 1 Can $6-$8 each OR 4 Pack $20-$22
1-10   $42/case – 65% off from retail
11+ $40/case – 67% off from retail
No minimum order necessary.

***We suggest they be sold around the same as what a human craft beer sells for in your city

1-50   $3.50ea – 22% off from retail
51+ 10% off – 30% off from retail
No minimum order necessary.

****Please note that the final bulk discounts are provided at checkout****

For local delivery orders in Houston, TX and surrounding area only, please contact Megan at Sales@GoodBoyDogBeer to arrange the order and delivery


There are many ways to feature and sell Good Boy & Good Girl Dog Beers to your furry customers! You can sell them as individual cans or utilize the quadpack and sell as a 4pack. They are also great to feature in holiday and birthday gift baskets!


If a package is damaged upon delivery, a notice must be submitted with details and 2 pictures of proof of damage AND the box it came in within 3 business days to info@goodboydogbeer.com. After that time frame, a refund is forfeited.

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For customers who would like to take advantage of a net 60 payment option, you can now order through Faire (a 3rd party site). Please note the pricing will be more due to Faire’s fees.